Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pet for long-time Wizards

Wizard101 is sending out a major thank-you to LONG TIME players in the form of a new rare pet.  What does it look like you ask?  Something like this!
So if you're a long timer... check your email. 




Talon Thunderblade said...

I received this pet, too, but I'm not sure if I want to redeem it because it comes with a 12-month membership?? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Hey Vale!

You might want to include that this is for members only because I use crowns and when I sent KI an email asking why I didn't get one it's because you must have a membership NOT crows.


Oh and P.S. I have been talking with Ali (Cross) and she's been helping me with publishing companies etc. for my new book Divination. Hopefully it will be released by this march. Maybe on my birthday!!!

otherwise great post and keep up the amazing work :)


The Hilarious Thaumaturge said...

Where did you see this?

Vale said...

Talon. I have redeemed the code that came in my email from KI. If the code comes in your email it is for the free gift.

If you resubscribe for a yearly membership in order to get the pet, then it then it will add a year to your subscription.

Vale said...

Blaze, you are correct. The pet only comes with 1) year long renewal (not crowns) or 2) you've been a wiz for 3 years or so

I'm not quite sure what the cut-off is for the length of membership. I think I've been a yearly paying member for 3 years and a little bit. I'm starting to lose track. That's what happens to long time Wizards, they start to forget things...

Vale said...

Hilarious... the notice came in my e-mail and also for my family wizards that joined Wiz about the same time as I did...

Anonymous said...

Vale... you know how long i have been playing this game and I did not get an e-mail for that free pet must be a % of the players who get it.