Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fire PVP and Rowan's book launch

My buds and I jumped into all fire PVP tonight with a couple high level wiz and a couple level 60.  Except for a lot more fizzle and therefore some untimely deaths it was pretty easy pickings.  It seemed to me that my fire was missing some gear but I haven't heard that's been a problem so I have to assume my memory has gone bad or something.  (7 crit block is just nasty for pvp)  It also felt like crit procs are down even though my wiz stats are the same.  Has anyone noticed this?  Storm wiz didn't have any problem throwing crits constantly which is great if you're questing with one but not so cool on the receiving end in pvp.

We took some turns in 3v because there were no teams in 4v and reported a few people, complemented a few people, won some and lost some.  But most of all it was nice to see my buddies again.  It's been a busy week with the launch of Rowan's YA paranormal book "Become". ( or Barnes and  We just got through with her IRL launch party and book signing at the karate studio.  That was fun!  Wish you all could have been there to join the fun and see the demos.

See you online!

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