Thursday, December 8, 2011

Spells I most want to see

Do you have any cool spell ideas?  Here are a few that I'm hoping KI will consider adding.

Spy - Allow you to peek at an opponents spell selection.

Immunity - Pick a player on the opposing team. See a standard set of their school's attack spells.  Pick one and if it's the one they actually cast you have immunity against it.  Doesn't work on non-attack spells.

Blind - Make an opponents card hand appear greyed out.  They have to guess which of several cards they can't see is the one they want.  They can still cast but they don't know what it is they cast.

Proc My Pet - Make your pet have a 90% chance to cast it's may cast spells for 3 turns.

Rescue Pet - Put your life force into your pet for one turn. X-pips.  This makes you immune from hits for one turn. Your health is returned from your pet on the next turn.

Reverse - Just like in Uno, this spell changes the caster's turn from second cast to first cast.

Love spell - Make someone on the other team your helper for the entire battle. 14 pips.

Switch lives - Put your opponent into your spot where they receive the hit meant for you. (kind of like beguile but puts you on your opponents team as well for 1 turn.

Poisoned pill - Cast on yourself for 1 turn.  If an opponent kills you it kills them instead even if you only had 10 health and they hit you with a minor strike for the killing blow.

Ultra-charge - sacrifice yourself to add the ultimate blade 100% to your team mate.

Upside down - make the tough rating on cards opposite so that strong hits are weak and weak hits are strong.

Final sacrifice - give up your remaining life points in a match to fully heal your team.

Violence ward - increase likelihood of being missed by a spell entirely.

Bull in a china shop - a huge bull runs around critically and randomly damaging players unless they have a significant amount of Violence warding.

If you have some cool spell ideas please comment and I'll add them.



Anonymous said...

Really nice ideas for spells! Sound good and so realistic! I can imagine them in action! Would love to see these ingame!

Destiny Soultamer said...

I really enjoy Spy and Blind, I can see those going into effect. Some of them though, seem a little too epic (yes, there is such a thing). Nice title though, for Bull in a China Shop. If KI makes that card, then I so want a bull mount.