Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's about time I decorated for Christmas!

My friends were prompting me to get into the spirit and change my header.  They were sporting some holiday colors so I dug up some old clothes out of my backpack, ironed them, dyed them.  We tried to get some photos in the commons in front of the big tree but ended up having to go to Amber Song's house to get pictures in front of the Christmas tree.

Duncan, Kestrel, Amber and Kelly were kind enough to wait through about 20 minutes of photo taking (or so it seemed).  In the end Kestrel, the photographer in real life, got better shots than I did.
I appreciate my friends and how they make my life brighter.  I appreciate my readers for being willing to put up with me and make my job feel worthwhile.  I hope that you all get to be near family and friends whether IRL or on Wizard and make some memories. (And maybe take some pictures!)  See the post Virtual Tourist in a Virtual World to find out about taking pictures and how to get good camera angles and get rid of the clutter on your screen.
See you around the wintry spiral!

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