Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gear Shocker

Some friends and I were dueling with a Myth, Storm, Life, Balance combo of wiz tonight.  After the duel and the usual rudeness dispensed by the more stunning team... I "statted" their myth wizard.  I was more than a little shocked to see 48% resist all myth gear!!!!!!!!!!
The best outfitted Ice I know has about 55%!  Maybe it's possible to set up more than that for ice gear but I've not seen it yet. 

I have to admit it's frustrating to be the "tank" class and not actually be a tank compared to bigger hitting classes.  What's good for Myth is certainly good when they get together with storm it seems.  Frustrating that the health/shielding isn't really working for ice with pierce stat and the pierce that comes with accuracy boosts.  And that's just on the shield side... a lot of the wizards now have roughly the same health as Ice.  In the old days Ice had at least 30% health on most of the schools.  Now it's lucky to have 5%.  But the sadness doesn't stop there... the main damage schools are hitting harder percentage wise as well with incredible tough plus and insane critical.  This leaves ice in the dust in several statistics where ice's shielding would usually put it on par or close footing.

Critics would say the big per-pip ice shields are the balancing factor, but with pierce, and the other shield breakers readily available and quake and readily available, steals etc, you can't keep them on for long. (believe me, I've tried)
Something to ponder if you're about to start an ice wiz with the intent of growing him up for arena.  Other schools are almost as good at tank and hit way harder.

p.s.  This last post is a lot of frustration talking.  I'm frustrated in general with PVP at the moment.  Death weakness spam seems to be the staple of 3v3 and 4v4. Paired with a storm to throw Siren that makes all your blades go away and hits you for an insane amount and put a fizzle on everyone.  I've also been gearing up for a rant about insane life dispel casting as well but that's another story.  Maybe in time I'll see some way around the spam, but for now I'm leaning toward bringing back the wall of shame that I used to have for chainers.  I'm not going to say who was spamming tonight but his name rhymed with Jeffrey Dragonbunter ;D  Thanks Jeffrey for reminding me to speak up about a growing problem.


Swordroll said...

Ice still can do very well in the arena. That kind of resist, even on Ice, is fairly uncommon.

Ice has the potential to get nearly 4500 health and over 50% resist, requiring the enemy to deal 9000+ damage not including shields. Throw in a life mastery amulet, a little heal boost from WW gear, and Ice has the potential to be able to heal 16 pips worth of damage in four or so.

I'm not saying "all schools are equal," that's the oldest lie in the book, but Ice isn't being completely left in the dust. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Valerian. You can get an ice to resist all up to 63% now (it was 60% previous to the release of Zafaria). You can get storm and fire resist up to 76% if you are willing to sacrifice global back down to 55%. Actually, I looked it up the other day, and it should be possible to resist either fire or storm up to 87% with the correct pet talents. I post as gtarhannon on the wizard101 forums if you want to get a hold of me for more details.

M.W.S said...

Man, I know what you mean. The good ol' days all schools had around 40% resist (and possibly more with other gear - pets). Now Wizard101, is trying to decrease everyone's statistics, I wish they wouldn't.

The Arena Piercing, Resist, Accuracy (and finally Balance and Life are getting those), needs to go up more. Different schools of the Spiral should be able to compete with one another (equally) using their wits.

Man, I haven't played W101 in about a month (irl issues), but I hear these complaints, check out the community and see that they still prefer their Legendary gear overall, that's sad really.

I wish Wizard101, would accept my SOTS Ideas (posts, check the label: ideas, on my blog). I'll be able to publish them on Wizard101's site once I get a membership in the future and purchase more crowns.

I've chatted with friends about Wizard101 reducing the number of dungeon instances (lvl 60, lvl 70 etc) to farm for the max level gear. Wizard101, needs to take a step back to go forward, when we were lvl 50 we had to farm random bosses which was fun for gear and the swords.

That Lifebringer Sword (something 30 critical and 30 block) needs to be implemented for all schools, wizards need to farm for that gear and perhaps purchase it gold/crowns from the Crowns Shop.

I'm through ranting, overall good post, good luck regarding pvp with the non-strategic opponents nowadays.

M.W.S said...

Hey, was surfing around the net, this should help with farming and all Wizard101. We should try this sometime in-game, look here:

(You dobn't have to publish this comment - off-topic).