Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Changing realms for fun and profit

Wizards who have played Wizard101 for a long time know things that are hard for new players to figure out especially for those without open chat.  So in answer to a question on a crafting post I thought I'd show those that don't know how to change realms a quick how-to.

Changing realms can help with:
a) finding more crafting material including more items per pick-up unless someone has beat you to it
b) getting away from a crowd if you can't get your team into an instance because there are too many random people joining
c) help you collect more items quickly in collecting quests
d) can help you find more of a particular kind of monster to fight
e) can increase your chances of collecting drop items

 First click on the Gear on the far right tab.  Then click on the dark spheres on the top tab set. (These are the realms)  You will then see the Realms controls below...
You will generally want to pick a realm that is in the normal to perfect range.  If the computer serving up the realm is big it may have several areas within that realm.  They're basically like additional realms just on that same server.  When you pick a realm and go to it you will notice that everything is the same except there may be fewer or more people.

So play around with it if you haven't used it and if you do use realm hopping you probably know these tricks plus a few.  Do write us with tips or ideas you think new and old wizards need to know.


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Anonymous said...

Bro, you forgot that Vampire is the best realm.

Malorn D.