Sunday, November 27, 2011

My conversation with Morganthe

It's not so much that I oppose you but I really need the XP!

 I told Ambrose he should have added a school locker combination lock! Those things never open on the first try. 

Big deal. I think I have about 5 of those in my bank.

Well, maybe you're getting closer to being a match for me then!

 Snack?  I'm more like a happy meal... I hate spiders but squishing them is what I do best.

 Hear the horn?  Just send a text it's easier and you can send little frowny faces with your evil messages.

A thousand wild bolts and leviathin later... victory!
Why do rhymes always go with evil plans and not with good plans?  I'll think one up, just give me a minute...  Like to hear it?  Here it is: "Ice team will form, frost will fall, Morganthe will get pwned and give lots of XP for all..."  Yeah!  That's my un-evil plan rhyme.

~ So Morganthe becomes super powerful after getting her deck of shadows.  It seems to me that she is inferring our next encounter will have something to do with Darkside.  I guess we can't be certain but it might make sense that she would try to attack Wizard City by way of Darkside. 

What is your theory about how Morganthe will return?  In a new world or in an existing one?

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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