Monday, April 8, 2013

Dueling in test realm

So Suri and I just had to test out PVP in test realm.  We were bummed that too few people were on to test 4v4 or 3v3 but we did try 2v2 and got first cast both times.  Each time we got a team that was maybe not the most used to working with each other and we did fine even without the extra pip the other side got.

An interesting side effect was that it seemed that the other team was fully set up about the same time as we were.  We hit early which I normally don't do and both times it worked out really well.  Usually you want to prepare a fairly big hit that's hard to recover from but instead we hit early and just kept hitting.  It was a strategy that paid off in spite of the small pip advantage for second cast.

I was a little worried that a whole pip might greatly tip the balance.  While I think it doesn't give a decisive advantage to 2nd cast it makes the undeniable advantage of first a little more questionable.  If the teams we played were a bit more practiced I think the result may have been a lot different.

How are you finding PVP in test realm?

Do you like the new combat system?


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Anonymous said...

It might help to know the level range of your 2 on 2 test. It might put the 1 pip advantage into better perspective when considering hitting early, or waiting for a bigger hit. Thanks!