Friday, April 26, 2013

One day left on the mount contest!

This is the last day to enter the mount contest below.  I think I'm going to sweeten the deal and give some prizes for the ideas Cody and Logan like best.

One epic idea that I like is the hamster ball mount. ROFL!  Awesome!

Check out this cool stacking heaven that Alexis Jadeheart made.  It's so high you can literally almost touch the sky.  The island looks like a speck from the very top.  I have a few more pics I'll post soon.

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Anonymous said...

What happens if ya start falling? Pray to god that your dragon learned how to fly XD

Now srsly this is one loooogg glitch stacking as I can see ( and the reason why I cant get snow pile on bazaar no more XD ) and I admire to everyone who have time, precision and nerves to improve there houses like this especially when they do so neat like this one is :) I salute all of them on that :)

LLewella Life