Thursday, April 4, 2013

PVP Change and Hair styles! Test realm is open

One of the biggest changes to hit Wizard101 is in test realm right now!  New PVP changes including a remedy for first-cast advantage! WOOT!  There are too many other great changes to name but also an interesting reset of PVP points.  But before you go casting a spell on the PVP designers... you'll get a badge for your current rank so you can prove it to people when you say... "yeah, I was a warlord once but they reset the points"  This is actually a good thing because PVP has been a little lopsided with some teams getting first cast advantage too often to be able to tell who the better wiz is.

And new hair style capability is just one of the gazillion things that were added and updated.  The list of updates is so long you have to go check it out for yourself at

But first... check out these cool do's that you can see now when you go hat-less.

See you in test realm!


1 comment:

M.W.S said...

I'm loving the new updates, but hate what KI did to Reshuffle there's a petition to change it to the way it originally was here:

(Glad we can finally go hatless, that was in one of my ideas in my blog)!