Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sun and Star School Trainers in Azteca

 As you battle your way through Azteca you will unlock the school trainers which allow you to add to your already impressive arsenal of spells.

Check out some of these new spells that are available from Sun and Star school trainers.

I don't know much about the Moon School as I've stayed away from most of the polymorphs.  (Primarily because they never quite seemed to use your wizard's own resist/stats while transformed)  Since they appeared useless in PVP I poo-poo'd them and haven't looked back since.

Does anyone use morphs for their serious PVP or questing wizards?  I hope that I haven't turned my back on a good thing.  Of course I've used up all my training points and still want to spend more.

I did the shield school (Valerian's School)... so I have a fair amount of spells from every school that are taking up training points.  But I also like to hit hard and shield well so I have a few bubble spells including the one for pips and the one for shielding and the one for extra tough.

I also set up for dispel of myth which was essential for all multi-v PVP players.  Then I finally went back and got death up to feint instead of the tough plus spells.  The reason I don't like those is that while they are super useful they take up loads of room in your deck.  It's hard to put together an effective PVP deck when half your deck is taken up by Gargantuan or Colossal.

From Azteca I got the new blade "sharpen" which boosts a single ice blade by 10% and immediately makes the stack-able.  (I think they need to raise the damage cap past a million now!)  And I will get the trap booster for making stack-able 10% plus traps.  I got the ice boosting dome which gives an additional 25% boost to ice spells for 4 rounds.  And I want to pick up the heal boost as well since I'm needing that more than ever now when trying to solo the new bosses.

 Here is star schools' offerings minus the Ice dome which doesn't show for me any longer since I learned it already.  The domes are good thing to have in a pinch I think.

And Sun School... (minus Sharpen which I already learned)
I think Sharpen is essential for all PVP wizards and anyone that wants to hit hard.

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