Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Friendship Month Contest

We are entering Friendship Festival February.  And that means another contest!

In America and Canada and a bunch of other countries there is an embarrassing tradition called Valentine's Day.  For those of you not familiar with it, it's a day where people give a card to a friend that they like. Usually the card expresses a romantic interest. (as in you want the friend to be more than a friend)  Maybe the card would say "Be Mine, Valentine" And that's how the person you like knows that you REALLY like them without you having to actually say it out loud. If the person you like really likes you back then they give you a similar card.  If they don't like you in a romantic way then they give you a "you're such a good friend card" which means you're really a good friend but not a GOOD friend in the boyfriend-girlfriend kinda way.

Confused yet?

Yeah, well, Valentines Day has changed over the years to be more like: you give everyone a card that says "Hey buddy, you're awesome" or something neutral like that and it's kinda become common courtesy to give everyone a card so people aren't left out.  So that means you give a card to boys and girls alike. That means a lot of "You rock in a totally nice normal non-threatening sorta-I like you as a buddy, buddy." kinda cards. Mostly I think it's a holiday to make card makers happy more than your friends.  Either way I guess it's nice to get a peppy friendly message from random people.

Well, this is your chance to write the ultimate Wizard related friendship card.  Make it appropriate for kids of all ages, mushy or not, but definitely with a Wizard spin. Feel free to rhyme and add some funny if you can!

So for this contest we'll pick some winning Friendship Cards you submit through the contest widget and we'll post them for people to enjoy and Wizard101 to link to.

~ We have 5 Scareadactyls to give away!!!  Check it out!

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harogame said...

cool mount

Onish Garg said...

Thanks for the Contest, Valerian!

Onish Garg said...

Thanks for the contest, Valerian!

logan said...

i hope i win one.

arthur t. said...

good luck to every one and hope i win :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!! :D
Hope ya all enjoy it!! XD

Amy said...

Thanks for the cool contest,
Amy ^-^

Kathleen Chen said...

awsome page