Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wizard Friendship Festival Entries

Here are some o the latest Friendship / Valentine's Wizard cards...

(Yes, you can enter multiple times but only with the chance to win a single prize)

Here are a couple silly "cards" I made up.

~ Don't be all ice-school this year Valentine... let me melt your heart with a little Fire magic.

~ Tell me which boss to farm for the key to your heart!

~ Some like to snowboard, some like to ski, and I still like you even when you beat me at PVP. I think we should snowboard, I think we should ski and I think we should both win gold at the Olympics in Sochi. 

See these awesome (actual) entries below:

Light me on fire, pyro. or Don't you scare for me..?  ~ Alia

Hearts are red Ghosts are blue I'd go anywhere Just to be with you.  ~ Oran

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!! :D Hope ya all enjoy it!! XD  ~ Ahmed

Your as cool as Lydia Greyrose! ~ Justin Thunderrider

You're Russian my heart faster than Valentina ~ Jacob Deathhorn

This Year, 
Val. Day is different. 
Roses are stone, 
Violets are red. 
And wizards of all, 
Celebrate this day. 
Not with chocolate, or candy so fine. 
But with their pets, 
Magic and friends. 
But as sadness fills the air, 
Zipping and zopping, 
With hearts drawn everywhere. 
On this day, 
Malistaire will cry 
he saddest tears in the Spiral. 
~ Victoria FireFlame

Good luck to every one and hope i win :D ~ arthur t.

Is it just me and my magic, or did you just cast a spell on me?  ~ Dylan SunThief

My Wizard's Name: Aaron Stone 
My Friendship-tine poem: 
Now must I these three praise 
Three women that have wrought 
What joy is in my days: 
One because no thought, 
Nor those unpassing cares, 
No, not in these fifteen 
Many-times-troubled years, 
Could ever come between 
Mind and delighted mind; 
And one because her hand 
Had strength that could unbind 
What none can understand, 
What none can have and thrive, 
Youth's dreamy load, till she 
So changed me that I live 
Labouring in ecstasy. 
And what of her that took 
All till my youth was gone 
With scarce a pitying look? 
How could I praise that one? 
When day begins to break I count my good and bad, 
Being wakeful for her sake, 
Remembering what she had, 
What eagle look still shows, 
While up from my heart's root 
So great a sweetness flows 
I shake from head to foot.
~ Aaron Stone

After waiting and waiting,
With lots of mating. 
This friendship season comes, 
Removing all the hating. 
This spectacular month is season of love, 
Along with symbolizing peace and dove. 
Imparting time, and love to the belove. 
When I think of hate in this season, 
I find it's all without any proper reason. 
Friendship and fellowship should be imparted instead, 
Leaving all the thoughts of treason. 
Being beloved and sharing love is the main aim of it, 
But for that, you need all the confessions to get admit. 
That's not going to lessen you reputation, 
It would work, instead as a healing kit! 
~ Justin DragonRider

Roses are red Violets are Blue Wizards are cool and that means you are too! ~ Rowan MoonHunter

When I feel as if I’m lost without an end in sight 
I look and there you are one step behind. 
When I feel as though the world 
Is bigger than my dreams 
I look and there you are, right behind me. 
When my biggest fear is failure 
And I see no way to win 
I look and there you are right behind me, my friend. 
~ Samantha Nighttail

Your so cool you burn me up. 
~Alex Fireblade 

A friend wears a smile 
When the world wears a frown. 
A friend will lend a hand 
To help when you’re down. 
A friend knows when to listen 
And when to give advice 
A friend is there without condition 
Any time, day or night. 
A friend is what I’ll be, 
Just as you’ve been to me
~ Marissa Dragon Tail

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