Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Test Realm and Khrysalis

Test realm is open with cool new features I have been wishing for for a long time but I assumed they would be too hard for KI to program.  But they did it!

If you have a membership you can log into the web site and download the test realm version of Wizard.  (It makes a copy of your character and your actions there don't affect your actual wizard so don't expect experience or purchased items to carry over to your regular account.)

So what cool features are being tested in Test realm?

1) You can team up with other wizards on boss battles.  When you're standing on the sigil you can pick the Team Up button and wait for other players in other realms to join.

2) You can now teleport back to instances in cases of defeat or accidentally teleporting out.

And Khrysalis part II is not out yet in test realm but something tells me it might be out soon.  If you find it online at any point please leave a comment ASAP.

Read more here:

While you're checking things out... check out how to earn a teleporter code unique to Valerian's School check out the contest page:
I'm trying out a new email system and I expect we'll test it's limits so it may be a work in progress.



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