Friday, February 14, 2014

The Second Half of the Friendship Festival Entries

Life with out you would leave me unbalanced. Let's be friends. 
~ Tabitha DarkSword

When I first started wizards you were already at the top you befriended a newbie who would have ever thought?
If it weren't for you I'd only have a sprite but now I have a penumbra that can give quite a fright. 
You helped me quest, farm waterworks too; 
I just want you to know that I'll never forget you. 
Antonio FairyStalker

Piggles are Pink Frilled Lizards are blue I'd rather lose to Malistaire than have to lose you. 
~ Laura Rainbowheart

Friends the best unlike a pest, 
they stay with us forever, 
unlike a person who is clever. 
Friends are needed, 
the give us a great friendship, 
not a battleship. 
Peter Y

Fire wizards are red Ice wizards are blue Phoenixes are hot and so are you. on Friendship Month Contest
~ jordane k

-A Valentine for my Pet- 
You know I love you 
So very dearly 
We've been together 
For what, six months? 
I swear I'll never leave you 
You've always been there for me 
Flapping, twirling 
Next to my shoulder 
I'll dance with you daily 
And feed you mega snacks 
Now maybe would you 
Heal me a bit more often? 
Love, your owner 
With the silly neck roll on 
~ Turq Le S.

Hearts are red 
And Ice wizards are cool 
This valentine just maybe have some fun for you. 
Or will you be nice or mean or neutral? 
Just treat everyone nice and every will treat you just like you wanted to.
Alex Fireblade

FIRE wizards are red, 
ICE wizards are blue, 
I want to spent my LIFE and DEATH with you. 
People think our love is just a MYTH, 
But i have to admit, 
That its strong like a STORM 
That keeps us warm. 
Whenever you're in trouble, 
I teleport at once, 
Watching our enemies struggle, 
As our victory gets announced. 
You say you want to quit Wizzy, 
To go back in your life, 
But tell me who will be the one, 
To heal me alive. 
FIRE wizards are red, 
ICE wizards are blue, 
Please stay forever, as my player two. 
Thanks for the contest :) 
~Mark Deatheyes

The sun and moon move as one 
The endless cycle of cygnets 
Flying across the sky In a magnificent fashion 
Waves lap gently 
Onto the shore 
Of precious gems, fused with 
Friendship and love, 
Empathy and kindness 
When the waves retreat 
The movement brings the gems 
To different shores afar 
To oceans deep and wide 
Spreading friendship in the air 
A touch of warmth In the coldest corners. 
Abigail UnicornSong

Roses are red, 
Violets are blue, 
This tapestry is divine, because it leads right to you. 
~ Cheyenne RubyTamer

Will you be my Valentine? 
So you could possibly be mine? 
Even if its only for one time, 
You don't have to be forever mine, 
I can't have Cupig for Valentine, 
Seek Valentina what to buy this time, 
He invited me for a romantic dine, 
We had an expensive red wine, 
Back to my palace he sent me a gift, 
A gift that few girls can accept, 
Expensive wand is what I am expecting, 
Guess what he get me a thorny vine from Pigswick Academy, 
I have to smile and say goodbye, 
Wait, he stop me and hold the vine, 
He cast a spell on it as I froze, 
Its a magical vine he turned it to rose, 
In this poem there is a lesson, 
Whatever you got for Valentine from a person, 
Just to let you know it is special, 
To that person you are crucial. 
~ Destiny SoulHeart

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