Sunday, October 4, 2009

Arena Tip #7

When fighting balance wizard don't use your tower shields too early.

Balance wizards have an insanely nasty advantage in arena. Basically all a balance wizard needs to do is put weakness on you, shield up and do Judgement (which never fizzles) and you're dead. That's why there are so many balance wizards in the top spots in arena 1vs1 and 2vs2. To kill a higher level wiz, a balance wizard needs to have full pips and have a blade to ensure that you actually die. Sometimes they also require a feint or a plus or two.

I recommend in order of importance:
1) weakness to put on a balance wizard when they start putting blades on
OR a steal charm (storm spell) to take their blades away
2) tower shields (as many as you can carry including some in treasures)
3) having an absorb in treasures (these help but aren't fool proof)

When do I put on my tower shield?
Try to draw one as soon as you can. Once you have it in hand keep it for when the balance wizard has nearly full pips and a blade on.
Once you put one on you'll want to get another ready because very often a good balance wiz will try to fire elf you or something and then hit within two turns. Basically they can't allow you to have a tower shield on.

If you're a death wizard wait for them to hit first. If you are fully pipped and they are not cast a minion and wait. If both of you have full pips... your ideal hand should have a wraith, a heal and a tower shield. With those cards in hand wait for Judge and then retaliate with a strong wraith immedately after or with a heal depending on how badly hurt you are.

If you have weaknesses on you, use a minor strike to take them off or a low pip alternate school spell to take them off if you have blades on. Weakness spells stack up and cause your hits to be really... well, weak. So if you have blades on and a weakness you are just wasting your blades to use a school hit.

Balance generally will kill you with one spell so you might as well throw a doom and gloom early because balance usually keeps a side-board full of heals.

Let me know if you have any success with this.



JediRex said...

Steal charm is a fire spell BTW

Jessica said...

Nice tips! I got busted by a balance wizard, lets say, too many times.
BTW, there's a steal charm for fire, and I don't remember where I read this but, (I think it was TFN) the fire charm is actaully better. 1 pip, 90% or so accuracy, and the card is better looking.

Valerian Nightbringer said...

Jedi Rex and Jessica are correct. I was getting my charm spells mixed. Jessica I have to award you points for style :) The card is better looking. LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm a level 13 balance wizard, and I do not appreciate you giving away all these tips to people on how to kill me! I do not have any crown, I never had any crowns, and it is the same with a subscription.It has taken me a LOOOONNNNNGGG rime to get to level 13, and I don't need anyone standing in my way! So, if you would be so kind, to NOT do something like this again! I am unique, and I dont want people predicting my every move, strategy, and card. What I mean is, you make us Balance wizards look predictible, and now n00bs will start saying "Ha now I know how to die you, cuz you are balance, and a guy told me how!"

- My name is Zachery Dragonheart, and I approve of this comment.

Anonymous said...

yeah cuz when balance wizards go to dual other wizards other people know what were gonna do and stop it so we have like no chance of beating them!!!



Anonymous said...

I think this post is RUDE to ALL balance wizards everywhere!!! What you have said up there is a LIE! Judgement fizzles at the most inconvenient times. The only way I can beat ranked PvP is if I use judge when I have a good amount of pips and if that does not work I use my hydra's card. I find this comment inappropriate. It throws balance wizards into a different light. It makes us look like CHEATERS!!!!! I do not always win PvP. I even stacked my deck like you suggested a couple posts back. I thought of you as my idol. Now you criticize my school just because it has average percentage and damage. This is so not fair. I am a lvl 39 balance wizard and I lost to a level 32!! That just goes to show you that balance does not always win. I hearby propose that all the balance wizards that read this to post a recent loss just to show all these people here that balance is not unbeatable. If you agree to this email me at This is SO unfair.Valerian I am speaking directly to you now. I wish to have a formal apology posted here to all balance wizards. And even if you do not accept this to your blog YOU will have read this and the guilt will stay with you until you apologize. You can email me at the email address above and I will be waiting and I will keep posting and reminding you until you do. I am deeply hurt by this and it saddens me to say this but everyone that thinks that balance wizards are cheaters are just jealous to say that there school has less percentage or damage. I only have one think to say to you. Become a balance wizard and see for yourself how hard it is. I could go on and on but that would get us nowhere at all. So like I said, a) a formal apology and b) for you to see for yourself how hard it is for those of you that do not beleave me. Come on guys. Don't pick on us. Peace

Anonymous said...

I'm a balance wizard too (Level 96) and this guide doesn't really bother me at all. We still have a lot of advantages and possess two of the most dangerous weapons in the arena. Mana burn and supernova.