Monday, October 26, 2009

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

It's the age old story. Friends meet in the arena. One side uses wild bolts constantly. Complaints are made, accusations are made in return. Frustrations grow and insults begin to be hurled. Darker histories of the friend and their buddies ganging up on the friend who you are teamed with are revealed. After the duel insults become darker and pleas to calm down and attempts at dismissing hurtful comments with humor are turned back into increasingly cruel retorts.

Finally a name and its star are removed from a long time spot. Gone is the friend that once taught me to duel. Those memories replaced by the tragic comedy of last nights duel.

I would like to think there was more to you than that. I wanted to find in my memory, an example of something redeeming, something good to hang on to that would allow me to overlook the hardness I saw in you last night.

There are so many wonderful people on my list and so many turned down because my list was full. I will not hurry to fill that spot.


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Jacob GoldGrove The Adept Ice wizard said...

Dear Valerian,

I need to contact the creator of wizard101 because I lost my new password that my mom and grandma forgot and if you do I'll give you some of my good treasure cards don't worry I have tons of them. See you later. Once you're done reading this put you comment on the last post you did and also write a note down in case you forget. Plus you don't have to if you don't want to. Meet me in Krock, Area 1,Diego realm if you want me to be on.

Your #1 fan,
Jacob GoldGrove