Friday, October 2, 2009

Test Realm Available

The new test realm is out! For those of you who have previously downloaded the test realm program you can just log into it and it will update itself. For those of you who haven't downloaded it you can log into (with your username and password) and click on the red ribbon at the top right side of the screen.

Some things that are available to test are:

A new crazy boss tower
A tower in Colossus Boulevard that has bugged-Malistaire like crazyness like multiple spell casts per turn, interrupts etc. This is a completely optional tower and is accessable to Level 50 players.

Mounts that you can ride on
Horses, Dragons, Brooms, etc. that you can buy or rent. (See the new crown shop icon on your screen to purchase)

Elixirs that you can purchase to help with battles
You can buy power-pip or health or accuracy enhancing elixirs among other things. These wear off after a while and while they are awesome they don't help you in PvP.

Buy a Minion or (Buy a Buddy)
For crowns you can purchase helpful minions to get you through tough instances.

Exchange Clothing Enchancements to Other Cloths you like
Visit the lady standing beside Zeke. She will create your new cloths with the qalities of your favorite gear but in the style and look that YOU choose. (Zeke no longer sells crown gear, he sold out to the big retail crown store) I was able to transfer my Zeke cloths stats over to a nice marleybone outfit. Now that is sweet! The only downside is that the original cloths you transfer the power from disappear. But your new styling outfit is all buffed out with your best clothing stats.

Reduced Crafting Requirements
Many crafting quests that required 5 items will now require 2. (maybe I'll actually get past the first crafting quest finally)

Many boss drop items changed or enhanced

Many clothing item properties have been changed

New equipping level requirements are set for some gear

For more detail check this link out

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