Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tips for Boss in Colossus Blvd Tower

For those of you level 50 who are thinking of trying the tower in Colossus blvd. Here are some tips that should help.

1) 4 people is best for doing this tower
2) You likely will want a life wizard (not necessary but nice)
3) When you get to the middle boss on the 5th floor you want to be absolutely certain you kill his minion before the minion gets 4 pips.
** yes the final boss definately cheats **
4) When you fight the final boss, don't bother with feints... he'll interrupt your turn and remove them anyway.
5) Lastly the final boss will generally pick one person and hit them really hard. They'll need lots of shielding.


Sierra Starsong said...

We squeaked through it last night with only two Grandmasters, Life & Death. Death wiz did all the damage while the Life wiz focused solely on defense.

Anonymous said...

Using quenches also helps (normal or treasure)