Sunday, October 18, 2009

A specific response to a couple commenters:

Someone commented on the codes that no longer work on Wizard101. While I normally would have published the comment it contained a few choice words. I feel the poor guy's pain. It's frustrating that all the codes have been sunsetted (removed) from the game. I hope to get new codes and post them up but I think all the previous codes no longer work.

If I hear of new codes I'll forward them on right away.

So to commenter #1, sorry buddy, the codes used to work.

Commenter #2, I don't mean to pick on giving away balance wizards secrets in arena but I do admit I find it frustrating that Balance wizards are automatically the defacto winners in 1vs1 pvp. So I'm not so much showing others how to kill you so much as how to survive more than one cast. Even with the tips I have given it is unlikely that most arena goers, no matter their skill, will surive :) Don't worry, you'll still rock in arena when you get Judgement.