Thursday, June 30, 2011

The New Malistaire

Me and Mali are on a first name basis.  Here's me going to visit him to check out his new digs and help relieve him of some drops.
I'm saying bye to the Gurtok brothers...
They're just plain rude with their weakness spam.  Here I ran out of minor strikes to take the weakness off so I called up my little friend to take shields off.
 I found a trap door that goes outside so I did some sight seeing in Mali's back yard.

The new setup is made for solo (as it has been for a while now).  Of course you still have to run through the tunnel to light the crystal.
 These dragon guard dogs no longer require synchronized pwning.
Same old same old death guys trying to make it difficult for death wiz.  They're a pain but a few crows do the job.
Mali cut scenes are now click-through so you can't pose and take pictures while they're yacking :(  But you get to see his bored eyes and his Fu-Manchu stash up close.  He's a "charmer" that's for sure.
Ultimately I didn't make it all the way through this round after fizzling on a critical crow that would have finished off the last two minions, healed me and put me in the clear.  I'll keep bugging him though now that it can be a solo house.

Have fun visiting Uncle Mali and let me know how it goes for you solo.

Valerian Nightbringer 

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