Saturday, June 11, 2011

Score more with Pet Snacks

Play Wizard101 mini games at and get free pet snacks.  I like Doodle Dug or the iphone game WizardBlox .  A score of 1500+ on Doodle Dug will get you some easy pet snacks.  A level 10+ score seems to get you a mega snack many times.  On WizardBlox on the iphone you can get a mega snack with a score above 350,000 and a couple additional lower level pet snacks and usually about 500 gold.  Lately if you go above 600,000 the game seems to have a soft crash and not connect to servers to give you credit for the amazing score... I've learned the hard way to stop at about 598,000.

Anyway, play some games, get some cool pet snacks and enjoy! 

And don't forget the Wizard101 Dragonrider crown-shop packs that can give you a CHANCE at winning pets, housing items, wings, a cool skeletal dragon mount, new gear and a sword.  But remember it's only a chance to win.  I can't tell you how many hundreds of housing items I got and I still don't have the sword, mount or all the gear.  I did get a hat, a dragon pet and a pair of wings though!

Enjoy Petapalooza!

Valerian Nightbringer
P.S. on WizardBlocks I won a Street Sweeper pet at 355,000! Woot!

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