Monday, June 20, 2011

Test Realm Open - Some Secrets

Test Realm
I've been told by reliable sources that the test realm is open!  You all know what that means!  Trying out crown stuff you can't afford!!!  Ever wanted to know what it feels like to use the second school amulet?  Ever want to train up that silly baby pet to see what weird talents it gets?  Well, now's your chance to spend a bazillion free crowns and buy mega snacks and power level that puppy!

Random Secrets Found

I'll be periodically posting about random things you may or may not know how to find.  They could be anything from Smiths to crafting trainers to card trainers or where to pick up that quest that suddenly ended.

Our first random find is the little dude that helps you with crafting quests particularly transmuting various of the more rare items.  For example, he has transmutes that can help you finish your Grand Master Artisan quest including the transmuting of pearls to golden pearls etc.  He also provides recipes for crafted cards.
 This is where our crafty little island guy likes to hang out.
 Here is the first Mirkholm keep yard bird...
 Here is one of the two yard birds in Mirkholm.  They are a pain to find!
 Ulantor is the secret trainer here and carries a few fun polymorphs
 Here's where to find the StormRiven lizard and the secret trainer.


Anonymous said...

Not to burst your bubble or anything, but the things you had pictures of aren't new whatsoever.

The Hilarious Thaumaturge said...

Are you going to Ravenwood Ball? I have my outfit picked out. If you are going, my name is Talon SeaGem :)

Vale said...

I'm not sure if I'll get to the ball. If I do I'll make an entrance though :)

Yes, Anonymous, I understand these things aren't surprises for long time wizards. There will always be some that know everything there is to know. For those that don't, I hope the tips will help them save some time. I've got some very obsure things to post so don't give up on seeing something you've never seen before in the coming days and weeks.