Thursday, June 2, 2011

Winners of the contest for passing our readership milestone

Skanderys,  h.pippin,  princesstomoyo1, connormistblade
dsoderberg21,  eaglesoarscreations,  david_marquez2006
aaronstarheat,  mycatfarley,  kbirthisel
Each won a code that gives a random item from Wizard101.  H Pippin had about a billion entries give or take a few!  Gratz on the dedication there...
Each of the winners has an email waiting at the email address they provided so go enter your code and let me know what you won!  Congrats again!  And for those that didn't win, keep entering!  You will eventually win sometime.
And now for something completely different...
My death wiz got his level 58 spell!  Check out this hit on Mr Nightreaver.  I have to admit it was kinda fun.  He's a tricky one though.  You pay for blading up and for shielding and casting any kind of trap.  Every time you do he puts his own blade up or trap on you.  You have to pump up you death resistance.  I shielded a lot even though he puts more traps on, and I healed some by means of sacrifice.  In the end he was pwned by one awesomely powerful hit.  (as powerful as I could set up without getting killed myself) 
I have to say I'm enjoying my death wiz and a fire wiz about 50% more right now than my ice wizard.  I still think that ice wizards are awesome but now they have a very low critical and a very low tough stat compared to other wizards that have in the 80%+ tough range and 140 critical.  My ice is limping along at about 100 critical and 30%+ tough. :(  Not to mention leveling my storm noob in Marley is as easy as taking candy from the lost souls in Wizard City that is if lost souls in Wizard City gave out candy for Halloween... maybe that's not the right analogy.  Anyway, the point is, it's easy.  I maxed out his power pip potential and all I do is just pack his treasures full of accuracy plus tempest, in the regular deck I fit in a couple tower shields and a blade a maybe a convert if i need one.  When I start a battle I just shield, blade, tempest and on to the next battle!
How are you all enjoying your wizards now that the new world and the changes have been made? 
Valerian Nightbringer


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Valerian! I just made sure to keep your screen up and enter when the timer in the pet mini games was running down. I mean what to do with the 10-20 second lag once you hit 70 in the maze game, it was perfect!

Heroic Pyromancer said...

Hey, Vale! Talon Thunderblade here! I am here to inform you that I have a blog now! Could add you add me to your blog roll please? Thanks-Thunderblade

Anonymous said...

Hey It's me Skanderys. I'm so thrilled that I won! Thanks again!