Friday, July 10, 2009

Bugged Malistaire Battle Caught on Video

Fallon and friends along with myself enjoyed a lively death at the hands of Malistaire in the bugged former tweak to bosses in Wizard101. Cyrus Drake of Wizard101 said that they bosses had been made into a puzzle with some means of defeating them being non obvious but solveable. Whatever the case might be this was our first and last stab at Malistaire before the morning updates that set him back to being a not-so-bad guy.

Note in the video his meteor strikes using ZERO pips and his 900 hit point Ice Wyvern (with no blades) and his 900 hit point minor strike. Also notice how when Sylvia Drake "helped" us it would skip all of us. My opinion is that after she gave us pips and the powerplay that she was hurting more than helping. Don't forget to check Malistaire's health too :) *That's a lot of zeros there!*


Anonymous said...

OUCH! I felt I was in the battle when I watched that. I wanted to complement you on your nice spells! :) Thank god they fixed that battle!!!! P.S. Luke's Scholl For Wayward Wizards won't come out for another year. Sorry :( I want to beat Malastaire before I publish it.
From, Lukie Emeralrider

Valerian Nightbringer said...

Hey Luke, I want to encourage you to move ahead with your blog now. By the time you do beat Malistaire you'll have a lot of posts and hopefully readers. If you wait a year there will be more blogs out there and it will be harder to stand out. Go for it!

If you feel nervous about trying to instruct people on how to do things maybe try to start by writing about your adventures and friends.

I look forward to reading your blog.


Silverheart said...

OMG I had to fight lord Nightshade before they fixed the boss people something I notesed was that he wasn't any harder than when I fought him with my friend as a level 9 infact he was easyer!

Anonymous said...

I can't publish because I made the site at summer school (the fun kind. I have awesome grades!). I don't have the right program to edit and publish it at home unless I have the program. (and to clarify things, it is'nt a blog. the blog version comes in a few years.

-Luke Emeraldrider

Dugan GoldGrove said...

Hey Valeran i love your blog and i was thinking i beat malistare with my friends before but i cant go in. i know why but any way. i was wondering i was wondering if maybe we could meet in the game so any way how do i make my own blog for the game?

Damonrulz156 said...

Pretty cool