Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Note From Cyrus Drake About Level 50 Plus Experience

Wizard101 friends, fans, and customers,

When we first envisioned our sixth world we saw it as a world Wizards would experience after Dragonspyre. This world would have increased the maximum level beyond 50 and the supporting content (new spells, equipment, etc) necessary for the max level increase. However, when we dug into the overall Wizard101 game play and what would best serve our community we decided to launch Grizzleheim, a world that created a parallel experience and offered new content and experiences as players leveled thru the entire game and the other five worlds. While we hope that high level characters find the content enjoyable and engaging the immediate downside to this decision was that no level increase was introduced with this world.

Our decision to launch Grizzleheim also afforded us the ability to address several features that you, our community, had asked for. Features like the ability to group with other Wizards, control friend requests, trade request and new systems like crafting and the bazaar. We felt they were good, valuable additions, and so we made a decision to include them for all players new and old to enjoy.

That said, we did mention to our highest level players that the level cap would be raised this summer and we were not able to make that goal a reality. We apologize for that and would like say that we are continuing forward with plans to release new worlds that do push Wizards beyond level 50. In order to accomplish it, we need to make sure there are new opponents, quests, worlds, spells, and more.

If you’re close to or already at level 50, we invite you to explore Grizzleheim, the new crafting system, and the Bazaar and hope you are interested in seeing what new things we have in store for you soon.

Thank you for playing Wizard101!
Cyrus Drake
Professor of Myth
Ravenwood School of Magical Arts
En Magus Nos Fides

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