Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank Goodness for Good Friends

The other day on Wizard I got a wake-up call. And I need to thank my good friend Scarlet for having the courage to confront me with reality.

While is was commiserating with Scarlet, about what I viewed as the possible ending of a friendship I was woken up by the very direct response that she missed the old days when I was a better friend to her. She described how she felt worried to talk to me too much or visit for fear of me being too busy particularly when I missed messages from her. In a few words, she described exactly the same scenario that I had been fearing meant the end of my other friendship. What surprised me most perhaps was the fact that I do care about Scarlet a lot and greatly value her friendship and yet I had been so casual and thoughtless about it expecting that it would always be there.

I just want my friends to know that everyone in my full list means something to me and if I'm ever wanting to be alone I'll turn porting off! So never feel like you can't just visit. I love and value directness and will never be upset with you for telling me the truth, whether it's getting after me for something, or letting me know that you need time with other friends or time with me.

To all the friends I have taken for granted I apologize. As often as not I'm trying to find something to do and even if I'm helping a friend please feel free to join me, you never need to ask, it only makes me feel loved.

Good friends are worth their weight in crowns!


p.s. I have so many alternate noobs on my list now that if you're playing one of yours I may not remember who your "super" is! (yikes, I know... bad memory for name changes)


ali said...

Aw. It takes a really good friend to be able to point out our shortcomings.

Countess Shadowbane said...

My dear friend, you have touched on something I have been struggling with lately as well. I am a very helpful person by nature, and I have a tendency to try and please each and every person that asks something of me. That said, I spend so much time going down the list of "help, save me" requests that I don't really spend actual time with anyone. I finish out the evening feeling like I've been dragged all over gh by one of those wolves, and haven't really spent time with anyone. I am so afraid that if I say no to someone, I will lose another friend, and yet, I'm not actually doing anything that I feel is quality time. So for the sake of helping all, I spend time with none. I know that I've damaged friendships this way.

I'm also one of those people who just doesn't port without asking - I always feel like if I'm supposed to be there, I would have been asked. Silly, I know. You are right - don't take good friends for granted.

You don't have to post this to the site if you don't want. I have been less than a good friend lately, and I wanted to apologize. Thank you Vale -


stingite said...

Well said, Val! I echo your response and sentiment to my own friends list.

Luke Emeraldrider said...

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