Thursday, July 23, 2009

Starting Your Own Blog

This seems to be a recurring topic in my comment trail so I want to mention it briefly.

I like because it's easy.

Setup and Getting Started
1) Create an account. (you may or may not need a parent's help)
2) Pick the style and color you want
3) Go to Layout and drag the squares into the position you want if you want anything different than the default. In layout you can add video players, follower modules and other add-on items like games and ads.
4) When ready start click on the Posting tab, add your title and start writing. Use the toolbar on the posting area to add pictures and video. When you're done, click publish post.
5) To moderate comments... Click on Post, then on the Comment Moderation link and approve the comments you find acceptable.

What Your Blog Should be About
Wizard101 wants original content and some significant amount of posts before they'll add your blog to their site. Original content simply means that they want to hear what's important to you. What they DON'T want is the same content as someone else. So resist the temptation to post about the same things others do.

Write every day if you can so you build content quickly and so you have something new for your readers. Lastly, post comments on others blogs so they'll return the favor and visit yours.

Happy Blogging,


Ian Silverflame said...

Nice guide! Just started my blog this morning, so I missed this by just a few hours! Wish I would have had it then. Hopefully it will help others out though. :)

Anonymous said...

I really want to make a blog, but my mom says that I shouldn't because of some of the stuff people would say. Have people ever been like that to you?

Valerian Nightbringer said...

Very good question. So far I've not had any comments with bad language or mean things. It may be possible that it would happen from time to time BUT allows you to approve messages that are posted. So you get a chance to read and say "No" to the post if it's a bad one. I think you should always have comment moderation turned on. I have several young friends with blogs and so far they have not had bad posts either.

If you want to you can turn commenting off alltogether until you're older.

Something to think about. I'm sure we'd all like to hear what you have to say in your blog.

Let your mom know these things are available, maybe ask her help to check it out and go with what she recommends.


dakota silverbane said...

now that i read this, i think i'm deleting my blog.

dakota silverbane said...

valerian i started a blog and i dont know how to get my wizard101 pics/slideshows on. i know how to put the gadget on but not the pics i want! please help!