Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some Miscellaneous Tourist Pictures

I was going through my blog photos directory and found the following pictures that I thought I'd post because some of are of good friends, others are just plain cool and others are kinda silly.

The first "almost cool" one is me riding the dragon to Malistaire's hide out. What makes this picture funny to me is my character's pose... he's got his fists balled up and is looking like he's spoiling for a fist fight and then there's Rocky my pet who's trying to look cool but isn't even in the basket. The following picture is me as a noob facing an ice golem. He's casting an ice spell as you can tell from the ice school rune.
This is me as a death noob hanging out at Grace's place.

This is frosty finishing up death Oni. This is where I met my friend Julia (you can just see her) in the lower left.

I can't remember who's house this is but I got messaged that there was a tent party so I ported to check it out. I'm standing at the back wall taking a picture of the group and it looks like someone is claustrophobic.
This is me and Haley taking the traditional Malistaire picture just before killing him.

Anyway, I need to start taking more pictures so expect to see more friend photo ops coming soon :)

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Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Friend Feature of the week?
-Luke Emeraldrider
P.S. I just got to Moo Shu!!!!!!!!!!!!