Saturday, August 1, 2009

Group Chat for Arena and Instances

Group-chat is a feature of Wizard101 that is underapperciated. Group chat shines when you are in arena discussing your next move with your team. Group chat is also helpful in an instance when you need to keep your group with you or give instructions to team members.

Once you have joined a group your chat messages go to the group automatically. Your chat will appear in blue letters in group mode. Regular chat will appear in white. To change from regular bubble chat to Group and back you hit the Enter key (like you do when creating a new chat line) and clicking with the mouse either the "single-happy-face" icon for standard bubble chat, or the "double-happy-face" icon for group chat. Using these icons you can switch back and forth fairly easily.

Once you're done the activitiy you will likely want to leave the group.

Happy dueling,


Katlyin Battlestaff said...

i know this has nothing to do with the current topic but have do you take onscreen videos. thank in advance

Valerian Nightbringer said...

This is an awesome question and I think would make a great post so I'll cover it very soon. Thanks for the idea!