Sunday, August 9, 2009

My advice about lonely wizards

I'm readjusting this post a little:

I had one of those lonely times on the game the other day when I wanted company and all my friends were busy. In times like that when things just don't go your way friend-wise and it's lonely, there's not much to be done but to try not to let it get to you, come back another day and hope for better.



Countess Shadowbane said...

Oh Vale now don't do that. Your previous advice was golden. Sometimes you're not always the one in charge of the outcome, and though your intentions and actions are exactly what they should be, the other person doesn't always play along. If you've given it your all and been the best friend you can be (and I can imagine nothing less from you) and still the other person chooses not to reciprocate, it is not your fault nor is it your loss - its theirs. If a friend cannot be the same for you, they are not worthy of being your friend. Come back to the ones who DO care enough and will never allow this to happen. Your advice stands. Anyone who truly knows you would say the same. I'm always here for you - you will never be lonely with me.

Anonymous said...

Part of the frustration is with a new "full instance" bug that's been reintroduced in the most recent update.

Valerian Nightbringer said...

TY Ryan (for cheering at PVP) and Countess for your willingness to quest with me for the last few minutes of my time... saved the evening from being a complete series of unfortunate events.


P.S. Jacob,Dougan. I am sorry for not being able to add you just yet. I think you would make a great friend and certainly seem like the loyal kind. Whoever is your friend will be lucky.

Jacob GoldGrove said...

Valerian you spelled dugan wrong.
Sorry about correcting you but i look for errors in spelling.
Jacob GoldGrove

Jacob and dugan said...

Hey Valerian It's dugan and jacob. thats ok that you are not able to be friends with us just yet. but Me jacob i have a lot of treasure cards and dugan made allot of friends now. also us two are on the same account. when you get the chance meet dugan in the same realm he wanted to duel you in.
p.s. he wants you to meet him in the kelvin realm area 1 wizard city in front of the grand father tree
hope to see you there. :)
Your fans,
Jacob and Dugan

5blcks2dland said...

today is my birthday!