Friday, August 7, 2009

Cure for lonely wizards?

While loneliness is something even wizards with a lot of friends feel from time to time, some wizards are more lonely than others. While nothing I can say will change how you feel, I want to share some things that should help one at least gain a few friends or perhaps help keep the ones that a wizard has.

While I'm not always the best of friends to my friends I hope this advice may do some good. (And I'm hoping for comments here so help me out with any good ideas)

1) Help more than you are helped

2) Whether asking to help or asking for help... Don't hassle. Ask and then let it go.

3) Be honest. If you put someone else off due to helping another friend don't try to make excuses or hide it. Just find a nice way to tell them you're helping a friend and miss them.

4) Don't say bad things about a friend to another person. They will worry that you may say bad things about them when you're not around. Not to mention that sometimes texts can be sent to the wrong person and you may offend your friend in an effort to try to make someone else feel better.

5) Don't be crude or use bad language. We wizards come from all walks of life and some have had their fill of yuck and won't want to be around it while they're getting away from real life.

6) (This last one we all have trouble with from time to time) Don't get too desperate. Desperate drives people away so just be cool.


Anonymous said...

Lol number six


Dugan Goldgrove said...

Dear Valerian,

I read what you said and I'm a really good duelist. So i want to duel you in a practice match.
If you win you get one of my most powerful treasure cards. Also I have a best friend she isn't on most of the time but when she goes on. I say hi to her port to her and help her out. Meet me in the Dwygn realm area one. If you have time we could duel in your spare time when you are done bloging. Also could you please record this on to your blog? Please.

The master of balance,
Dugan Goldgrove