Monday, August 31, 2009

Arena Tip #6

Beguile and multi-strike spells

Death wizards have a spell called beguile which typically will force you to cast your spell on yourself or on your team mates.

Beguile only works when used with multi-strike spells. To me this seems to be a change from what it used to be. Whether this is old or new it appears to be the case for arena battles.


p.s. KI, the list of arena bugs/frustrations is growing:
1) Zombie Bug (coming back from dead is not cool)
2) Extreme point losses from a single battle (use chess USCF rating formula for this)
3) Minus one rating bug (can't confirm if this has in fact been fixed or not)
4) Extreme low point gain from winning battle (related to #2 again use USCF rating formula?)
5) Consistently drawing second cast against higher ranked teams (higher rated teams should be given second cast just as in chess where higher ranked player typically plays black against underdog)
6) Matching noobs against warlord/commander level grand masters if noob is commander rank. (This never has a good ending for the noob no matter what their rank is. The noob never has the pips, deck, clothes, spells, or hitting power to compete against a full grand master)
7) Warlord grand masters playing down in an effort to level up their noob buddy. (I'll write more about this shortly - by doing so WL, work the system to get their friends arena gear with almost no effort of their own)

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