Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Arena Fizzles

Lately a VERY noticeable phenomenon has been happening in arena... the fizzling of 80-100% spells. In one single battle yesterday three 85% death spells fizzled just for ME! And others of team mates spells in that same range failed as well. Out of a cast of 6 of those spells total I experienced a fizzle ratio of 50%. I know I'm not the only one to notice as other players had their high percentage school spells fizzling as well. This is even with the enhanced accuracy that comes from clothing items etc which would have had the actual accuracy of the spell to over 90% base.

When, the other day I saw a shield fizzle without the aid of any kind of minus or additional charm I had to wonder how many others are seeing this as well?

However I'd venture to say that low chance spells such as fire and storm (i know because my storm noob has had virtually 100% success with triton, kracken and shark) and others (including wild bolt) have been working remarkably well.

I have to wonder if KingsIsle tweaked spell accuracy settings in arena and if so they are NO WHERE NEAR what is written on the card as far as actual accuracy. I know about randomization, and probability calculations etc, being a developer who does significant work in statistical analysis and probability. What I can say for certain is that high accuracy spells in arena no longer reflect their stated accuracy. At this point in time the higher accuracy spells are actually much lower than their stated rate.

I'll gather some data on this and I'd like for those of you arena goers to also track the number of fizzles per times cast for your specific hitting spells.



Jacob GoldGrove The Adept Ice Wizard said...

Hey Valerian do you think Angel DragonGem is still out there of so (or not) why is (isn't) he out there?

Question from Jacob Gold Grove

Jacob GoldGrove The Adept Ice Wizard said...

Valerian I won't be able to play starting at 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.
So i only have a limetid time to play at my grandma's house.
But at my mom's house there's no restriction! I don't use the last hour. :(
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Anonymous said...

I have had far worse vale, my sword attck fizzled, no charm, no enchantment, nothing, btw, it was a life sword O. o?

Silverheart said...

I went to the areana today with Jesica and another one of my friends I fizzled 1 out of 29 spells. Jesica never fizzled and my other friend fizzled 2 times out of however many spells she did ( I really didn't keep that good of track for her)

Jacob devin and dugan gold grove said...

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Dugan GoldGrove said...

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