Monday, August 17, 2009

Arena Tip #4

When up against Warlords who think it's fun to equip treasure pets as a way of keeping you guessing on their school and thereby having an advantage for the first hit.

You will notice their names which sometimes give you a hint. Or their health...

For full warlord gear and reasonably equipped athame, ring etc...
Storm will be about 1540
Fire will be about 2200-2500
Myth 2300-2600
Balance 2300-2600
Ice 2700-2800

I reserve the right to adjust these numbers. They'll never be 100 percent predictive but Ice is usually a giveaway and storm are fairly easy to predict.


Anonymous said...

I'm in Dragonspyre and have a quest in the War Tower but I can't find it. Is it the same place as where that ice draconian is?
-Luke Emeraldrider lvl 45 Thaumaturge

Dugan goldgrove the master of balance said...

I need help getting the book every time I go solo I loose. And my friends are too busy. So valerian luke can you help me when you to get the chance?

The master of Balance,
Dugan gold Grove :)

Cheats and Crackers said...

I think fire and myth are actually the same, with all their best gear they have the same amount of health. Yeah, it's a good way to know what you're facing though.

Destiny Duskflame said...

You can just go to menu chat and click battle orders and see their color of the school to find out what school they are