Saturday, August 22, 2009

The OTHER Arena Bug

Last night I got to see first hand what is commonly referred to by arena goers as "THE Arena Bug" in Wizard101.

My friends and I were enjoying a nice battle against a group of Warlords when we did a spellwave leaving only two alive followed by doom and gloom, sealing their fate or so we thought. With their healer and another dead and the last two with only a few hundred health left our victory was assured right? WRONG.

No less than 3 times we killed their healer and EVERY round he came back, pips intact ready to heal his team mates. After spending our pips round after round trying to kill a dead player we succeeded with each round only to see him return and cast Rebirth and Dryad multiple times until our spells did nothing due to the plethora of shields. Round after heart breaking round we had to watch helplessly while he came back from the dead time after time healing and re-healing many times over dead players. Worse was watching him wait a round while "dead" gathering power pips while we could do nothing.

Eventually we lost the battle simply because we could not kill a dead wizard. Not only do I feel bad for my team mates, who would have been almost to their wings had we earned the points we deserved from what was otherwise a resounding victory but I feel bad for the team who won by "arena bug". I know they felt embarrassed.

If there ever was a need to "adjust" arena points for unfair point allocation, this would be the shining example.

Not only is there an issue with the percentage spell casting of late (for death in particular) but that the latest update either did not address the zombie Arena Bug or simply made it worse.

I'm extremely disappointed for my friends, who even as underdogs, deserved that win. I am determined to keep posting regularly about this issue until it is fixed.



Silverheart said...

that happend to me it's not just in the arena I was doing a battle with Genral Akilies on my fire newbie and he was totaly murdured when he earned 1 health all of a sudden and all his pips came back so he healed and ran off with a blue gost! that time it was help full but in the arena that is just GHA!!!!!! I've been PVPing alot and non of the bugs that go around for other people ever hit me and my Best friend and PVP team mate Sabrina Willowwraith! I shrug I haven't a clue.

Michael said...

That is EXACTLY what happened to me, and boy does it frustrate me. We win fair and square against three death warlords, me wiping them out with a tempest. Yet the middle one suddenly is casting when he 's defeated! They ended up beating us because they started healing theirselves, but that just isn't fair. We win fair and sqaure, and then we lose it to a bug. That's just wrong.

Francesco said...

I agree the point system is messed up. I fought a level 31 with my level 16 and miraciously beat him and as a reward i got 4 points. wow. Later that day i fought another level 16 balance and lost and it docked 40 points from me. I agree it there was ever a time to fix pvp its definetly now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vale! Boy are you going to have something to write about after our nightmare duel from last night! (My being randomly disconnected, then able to port back to you but not participate in the duel!) I am beginning to feel like a jinx to you in the arena! Hopefully, we've worked through all our bugs, and it'll be smooth sailing from here on. Ya, right. :D Ryan TunnderBlade