Saturday, August 15, 2009

Arena Tip #2

* note: This is an old post and many things have changed including pets giving balance blades or available treasure ones.  Also note in the comments how you can tell a wizard's school from the battle orders menu now *

Keep tower shields handy... tower shields are your ONLY defense against Balance wizards using Judgement spell. If you are unsure who a Balance wizard is in the arena you can tell either by:
a) the saving up of tons of pips (not always certain)
b) the balance blade (crossed swords)
c) or if they in a single cast put three shields up.

However in any case the advice still stands... If your opponent has 6 or 7 pips you know you need a tower shield asap.

Tower shields also reduce death heart spells by half and any other school spell by half so they're all around good one to carry.

Since balance wizards already have a distinct advantage in the arena both in shields and pure spell hit strength with Judgement you would be well advised to carry some tower shield with you if you expect to survive long in arena.


Jacob GoldGrove said...

Ok here's the tip

When you want to stun some one stun the person.

Then the next time you want to stun do the stun to take out the block. Then the block will be gone when you want to stun. Then the block will be usless in combat. Because you will have no more stuns left.
P.S. the tip came from my mind.
Tip from jacob goldgrove

Jessica said...

Good advice!
I got defeated by a judgement with a ton of pips once (blasted balance wizards). So there aren't any balance sheilds? Huh, thats weird.

Sierra Starsong said...

or d) if he has a Hydra pet, he's a Balance Grandmaster.

My Storm wizard took Ice as her second school specifically for Tower Shields. They're always useful, and you never have to worry whether or not you're shielding against the right school.

Destiny Duskflame said...

e) the easiest way to see if they are a balance wizard is to check battle orders. you can do this with any school. Go you menu chat, click battle orders and it will show the colors of each persons school. For balance, it will have a tan and white color, for storm it will have a purple and yellow color, and so on