Monday, August 3, 2009

New Wizard Social Networking Site

You can join myself and other wizards on

This site basically has all of the functionality of MySpace but for Wizards only! It is moderated and set up by my friend Fallon Shadowblade. It provides a safe way for wizards to connect online without having to let relative strangers into your personal facebook account. (nice for me as my family tends to post personal and potentially embarrassing stuff ... like random family gathering snapshots of people stuffing their face. ew! ...) I'm sure none of you have that problem though!

Anyway, it has an awesome set of groups, allows you to keep up with blogs (like mine), your buddies, your music, videos, email, and start your own blogs right from one single site. I highly recommend it.

However if you are young you should get your parent's permission before signing up of course!

This is an amazing tool for Wizards to connect and I would love it if each of you added me as a friend on there when you do get in. Even if my friend list on the game isn't big enough I want to be connected to all of you who find some value in what I write.


Valerian Nightbringer


Fallon Shadowblade said...

Thanks so much! I hope everyone can join and be a part of the community. For Wizards by Wizards...I am definitely having fun with this!! You have certainly settled in nicely, so glad to have you there.


Anonymous said...

Valerian - How did I *not* know about you before? Because Ice Wizard not only rock, we are made of awesome! I will be visiting your blog often! Without Fallon Shadowblade's new site, I would not have known about you. Christina IceDreamer aka "CID"

Anonymous said...


Why did I just EEEEEEEEEEP? Because I'm a lvl 40! Yay!
-Luke Emeraldrider

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh I'm So Happy Because
1:I Have My New Cottage and
2: I'm A Level 20

Just wanted to metion that lol.

~Hannah SkullThorn
Were to find me: I will be on the relm Vampire.
I never Change Relm. Area 1.
I will probebly *not* be at Wizard City I will always be at other worlds.
ATM I'm at GH. ty

Dugan GoldGrove said...

Hey Valerian, I want to know why you never answer my letters i all ways have no one to talk to. I'm lonely :( so if you have time to answer my letter(s) i guess we could be friends.

Dugan The Master of Balance

Valerian Nightbringer said...

Dugan, the blog interface makes it difficult to figure out which post someones comment goes to but I do like to respond to comments if I can. If you comment to the most current post like this one it's pretty easy to find. I'm sorry you're lonely but with your dedication to the game and persistence, I know you will find great friends in time. One good secret I learned to making good friends is to be the one to offer help more than asking for help. You will find this makes you a better wizard and let's friends know that you care.

Dugan the master of balance said...

Valerian Thanks for the tip also when i have the time i try to find a wooden staff from a branch of some thing and in my spare time i make wizard101 cards and i'm a BIG fan of wizard101.
P.S.I'm a big fan of this website also.
and I want to duel you i hope you will record it.

The master of balance,