Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Virtual Wedding of Paige Moongem and Valerian Legendpants

I was pleased to be able to record the wedding of Page Moongem and Valerian Legendpants (the only other Valerian that I know). The wedding took place at the home of Esmee Unicornthief. Please support this lucky couple and check out the following videos.

While I originally wanted to edit this down and make it perfect I wanted the scene as a whole with all of the setting and capturing some of the humor and challenges of putting on this kind of occasion. Special thanks go to the Wizard101 creators who listened to our request for privacy settings that allow people to put on plays or occasions like this. This wedding had most of the highlights you might expect at a real life wedding. Here, I play photographer for a couple who are married in real life and wanted to marry on the game.

The Wedding

The bride and groom drive away

Reception begins

Dinner and cutting cake


Silverheart said...

OMG lol!!!

Dugan GoldGrove said...

Hey valerian when i saw the most funny parts i went XD. No offence dude.

From Dugan

Anonymous said...