Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Challenge You To a Duel

I was doing a 3v3 with some low ranked wiz friends and we were matched against 2 storm grands and a balance grand. Within three passes 2 of us were dead from wild bolts. With my death noob dead, and our healer dead our last remaining team member died from a relatively small but well set up tempest. I gave the poor chain bolting storm wiz a hard time and he desperately defended his right to chain bolt with snipered bolts. Having been chain bolted in the match prior I finally had had enough and challenged him to a 1v1 duel. Normally I consider that rude however in this case I was too irritated to let it slide.

After a lot of trash talking on his part and a lot of his friends saying "dude, you're going to so kick his but because he's(me) not even a death grand." We got matched in practice. He let it slip that he'd loaded up on treasure death shields and I accordingly packed lots of poisons. Drawing second cast I was in a spot where I had to shield pretty much contstantly. He hit me with 2 bolts, a triton, two krackens and was trying to bolt again. I finally was able to take off his death shields with a poison and score a couple medium strenth hits on him. I was running very low on shields and frankly he was starting to win. I healed myself for good measure and threw a doom and gloom knowing I'd be done if he healed. His last bolt fizzled and out of a desire to teach him a lesson I bolted him. One try was all it took and he was defeated.

I should have felt guilt or possibly shame for being so forward about confronting what I view as a growing problem, instead I felt remarkably satisfied, my main regret was that I didn't bolt him with every pass to drive home the point.

Ultimately I'm sure my effort will mean nothing, however I do hope for a few small tweaks to arena in general.

1) no snipered bolts
2) arena 5 minute waiting penalty and forfeit of points for chain stunning (same as if fleeing a duel)

With these two small adjustments the only thing for people to complain about would be treasure noobs and let's face it we're all guilty of being treasure noobs. :)

Valerian Nightbringer/David Dragonheart



M.W.S said...

I'll fight ya Valerian but, you have to contact me on my page k? Ty for code...

M.W.S said...

The code DIDN'T work. Your blog is awesome check out mines:


Shadowstalker said...

Someone else got it first, that's why.