Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm Impressed! - Wizardblox -

I've been waiting for some time now for King Isle to impress me with a new world or cool new spell for my guy that's been level 50 for about a year now. But KI surprised me from a totally different persepective.

I happen to be a major iPhone user and it has become my right hand in daily life. If it weren't for my work I'd probably never touch a PC. Sooo... when Wizardblox came along for the iPhone I was eager to try it. I downloaded it from the app-store (free btw) and tried it immediately. Being fairly decent at Wizardblox already on the game I was impressed with a gameplay and easily matched my typical score on the game. Once you have achieved a score of some level ( I haven't figured out yet just how high of a score you need to get) you can redeem the score for items and elixirs. When you get a good score, pick "returning wizard" and log in and you can redeem your prize to your wizard account immediately.

It's one thing to play an iphone game while you're waiting at the doctor's, at the store or waiting to get your hair cut, but short of being actually able to play Wizard101 from your iPhone, this is the next best thing.

Think of it as farming remotely :)


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