Monday, February 1, 2010

More Bug Pictures

Here are some more buggy pictures that I got screen shots of. (yes pictures you submit should be screen-shots of the game not edited to be sillly but from the game itself)

My horse doesn't like standing in lava... I had actually tried to get a picture of kestrel turning the corner coming from the "Dean's" lair as my screen showed her and her horse up to their necks in lava. (that was pretty cool) I wasn't able to catch it in time so I got this instead.

This one is more subtle... if you are observant you'll notice the horse has no rider. Hmmm.
This one had me ROFL in real life. This poor girl seems to have swallowed her broom. I had to get the picture from a couple angles just to be sure my eyes were working.

Please email some fun in-game pictures of your own. Submissions are almost non-existent at this point and time is running out for those who are hoping for a prize.



M.W.S said...

Nice blog! Check out mine btw at:

Jacob GoldGrove said...

Hey Valerian I have to tell you a new world i came up with just today it's called frosthail.
It's where Colosus warriors, Frost Knights, and Evil Guard snowmen live. You will see Mindy there inside the area where the spiral door is can you tell the creator about my new world?

Your #1 fan,
Jacob GoldGrove