Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What has happened to arena?

For some time after the advent of the stun shield it became a matter of honor to play fair in arena. Many teams would go out of their way to not stun twice in a row or avoid throwing single-double stun hits so as to give the other team a chance to at least cast one spell. For a time the stun first and keep them stunned cheating was waning and being replaced by teams with some integrity.

Recently that trend has reversed itself again and is as bad as it was before.

My sons begged and begged me to duel with them and finally I broke down and joined them. We'd had a bad experience the time before getting chain stunned and then single doubled (single storm lord, double storm lord to keep the stun going) so I was not eager to jump back into area as you can imagine.

We cobbled together a rag-tag team of noobs and headed to 4v4. Our first and only match for the night was marked by 5 stuns in a row followed by a "power" Stun-Lord (my name for them) We finally had a not stunned round (shocking I know) where myself and another team mate were able to heal a tiny bit. We were then subsequently wild-bolted in the next two passes by an ice wizard.

I guess this last round of non-stunned-ness was too much for the other team and they switched out the ice wizard for a fire and well, you'll see the result. I followed them to their next couple matches where they proceeded to hone their stunning :P technique.

I decided to get them on video as they have become representative of what arena has turned into of late.

Below are two teams that chain stun regularly. In my opinion they are not worthy of wearing the warlord gear. To me that signifies achievement and skill but to them it's the reward for cheating. I hope that this practice will end or that a fix can be made to penalize cheaters such that they have to wait (like fleeing a battle) or they get negative points or something. What is your opinion?


Jessica said...

I think this is ridiculous. These people are definitely not worthy of their gear.

Cheryl said...

I agree. Chain stunning teams are becoming more popular in the arena. I compare them to bullies on a playground holding down a child while the other children pound on him. They are not worthy of gear, or of the warlord rank. It is sad that they are recruiting teammates on a daily basis, in the rush for players to get gear as fast as possible. They even have fans who cheer them on. As a parent, I find it a disgusting practice in a game that is supposed to be "family-friendly". In what other game would an opponent not get a turn? I can only hope that KI comes to their senses, and realizes that this is not fun for anyone, and rewards unskilled duelists. It is, in my opinion, a form of cheating at worst, and cheap at best.