Sunday, February 7, 2010

Of Good Buddies and Yard Birds

The other day I was working on GH quests on my death wiz and my friends Shannon, Suri and Duncan came to help. We burned through the quests pretty quickly and I racked up a few bars of XP at 40-320XP per quest. I'm not one to turn up my nose at experience points but WOW a lot of work for so little.

In any event after the questing Duncan and Suri helped me get the Yard Birds (aka Brittish rock band) doing the running to help me find the ones I couldn't. This was a massive favor that will be hard to repay. The yard-birds training point is probably the main reason to finish GH and the secondary reason: the ability to farm the ravens for stuff to sell.

If you ever find yourself working in GH don't be too shy to ask where birds are. If you have super amazing friends perhaps one in the know can help you get the ones you're missing.

If KI ever comes out with a new world, given the ever shrinking nature of the items you're expected to find; I'm betting they'll make the things so small you'll need a magnifying glass then a microscope. Perhaps it will be worth it.

I do sincerely hope that a new world is in the works. I'll do my best to find out from the creators if one is being worked on. I think many of us are saddened by the loss of friends to games such as Warcraft and Aion and even Adventure Quest worlds (lol). For now I thank my lucky stars for awesome friends who are at least for the time being committed to Wizard and grateful for lost and now found friends who have returned like Amanda.

While I'm waiting anxiously for a new world I look forward to enjoying my new training point, using it to vanquish unluckly (but hopefully nice) people in the arena.

See you there,
Valerian Nightbringer


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M.W.S said...

Also if wild bolt shouldn't be allowed in the arena how about NO treasures then it makes sense... You can't get mad for people using treasures at you... KI made it that way so it SHOULD stay that way...