Sunday, February 14, 2010

When Pigs Fly

Cody Skyrider, my son and fellow blogger, Taryn (aka Rowan) my wife and Scarlet (aka Suri) joined me on my death boy (David Dragonheart) for some fun with Jade Oni. I proposed that we kill Jade Oni with a minor strike. Cody was skeptical but was eager for the challenge and the others are used to putting up with my insane ideas and it didn't take any convincing for them to jump in to help.

We stole all the treasure cards we could from our other wizards, cleaned out the bazaar and were still short on some critical setup cards.

We packed 5 layers of traps in and around life2death, death2life converts. After about an hour of stressful setup we were hurriedly trying some last minute steals and yet another treasure blade. In the end a 90-tough minor strike hit 76634!

Cody was ecstatic and it was all worth it just for his reaction. But not only did we deliever a ridiculously hard hit to Jade Oni killing him 15x over with a minor strike but also we saw PIGS FLY!

Yep, Scarlet won the valentines piggle from Jade Oni making it a doubly productive effort.

For your viewing pleasure check out this video.



M.W.S said...

Um, I have a nice guide on my page if you have ANY ideas for smileys post it here:

Thanks highly appreciated...

Anonymous said...

That was awesome we should do another one like kill all of the ravens in one turn with minor strikes! that would rock your son Xan or cody

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