Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chainers Never Prosper

My friends got together for some death 4v4 pvp. After waiting a very long time we got matched with Storm, Storm, Fire, Myth. Being taught by the school of hard knocks we immediately assumed they were chain stunners. We were not to be disappointed. Thanks to a timely fizzle on their part we had an opening. We threw them off their game however by beguiling their fire wizard so that he couldn't participate in the stun leaving their myth to use all of his pips each turn stunning. We immediately killed one of the storm who was landing wild bolts, followed by their myth a turn later. The second storm guy finally used a storm lord which threw the stun chain off again as it gave us stun shields against fire's next stun. We recovered our health the next pass with a round of crows across the board. With only one stunner left we were able to watch him run down his pips stunning us over and over. Finally he got desperate and used his last pips on helephant.

Watching them implode was a awesome as they began to panic without their backup stun. It was obvious the fire guy had packed almost no hit cards. If we had been on any other wizards it would have been hard to combat the stuns and periodic hits but on our death wizards we were able to heal fully between hits.

The offered to play us again without stuns. And this is where the maxim Chainers Never Prosper comes in, we could not trust them. Perhaps that's the key regarding why chainers are so widely despised. They lose all credibility and a lot of friends.

Our next match was sad. We were matched against a team of grand masters. Not knowing they were new to PVP we were hitting them hard... then we noticed that they were using non-school spells. Their death grandmaster used 4 power pips to cast a meteor. Their ice wizard used a Seraph. Suddenly we were struck by a sadness for them that they were throwing away their chance at beating us.

In arena you can't afford to use power pips on non school spells. Some people may argue this but it pays off so rarely that it's become a cardinal rule of PVP. If you need to use a convert or a shield breaking spell or simply have to hit twice, it's almost always better than using non school spells. I can't stress this tip enough. A shield or an extra blade or some other spell of your school's making is almost always preferable.

I expect my students to learn how to use their schools to their best advantage without chaining :)

Now go out there and have some fun,


M.W.S said...

Good job teaching those cowards a lesson! Darn, we need to meet in-game lol...

Anonymous said...

you rule

Michael said...

Lol, no wonder my team is always losing!

axel 1547 said...

lolz tnx for the advice no wonder i stink in 4v4 XD