Saturday, May 22, 2010

Latest Pet Update

The most recent pet update included something interesting... the ability to make an huge variety of pet mixes. When mixing pets sometimes you get a copy of the original parent but other times now you will get a child pet that is a new named type with different colors. So mix it up in the test realm and tell us about the kind of pets you're creating.


Here's another code for the first wizard to redeem it. It will only work for one person.


M.W.S said...

Posted that on my blog too...

Hmm, the codes you ive out are too early afraid can't use them :P

M.W.S said...

Oops misspelling... I:

Anonymous said...

yo dario jaime velazquez
gatreda jugar ds bolimas cartres nocase folrimas gran fue loma bonita 609 trabajos carriesa
bien halo año16 mi amigos respetio mia quier casi hacer pasos dierno $10.443 los queretaro
no clase porque favor

Anonymous said...

ok if you are even going to have this blog update it The codes are super old

Anonymous said...

man I never knew this thanks