Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day Party

Logan Thundgergem and Cody Skyrider put on a world class Mother's Day party the other day. There were few in attendance but everyone that did come had a ROFL moment as we interacted with the pets, virtual guests and the waiters.

This was probably the best part setup I've seen on the game so far.

A reader asked how one follows this blog in order to be part of the Gobbler Giveaway. There are basically two steps...

1) create a google account (should be for any google site)
2) scroll down to the Follower's gadget on the right hand side of the blog (may be 1 or two scrolls down) and click the Follow button.

Here's another code for the first and fastest wizard who redeems it... LL4LA-8L77L-2QN9X-QLL78

p.s. be sure to read about the GGG!Great Gobbler pet Giveaway.


Jason ThunderShield said...

hey my wizardblox game doesnt give me codes why? i asked you cause you are good at the game

Michael said...

Cool house! Whoever did that must have a knack for decorating.