Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Pets In the Test Realm!

Check out central for some awesome pet drop lists...
Here's a link to the unofficial list Aura Champion Spoink's List

Another excellent list with pictures is Nightstalker's List

I SOOO want the Icezilla and Death Ninja!

Another code for the quickest wiz (but it will ONLY work for the first wiz to enter it!) FL57A-4LQF8-222QX-5L879

p.s. be sure to read about the GGG!Great Gobbler pet Giveaway.


Heather HexHeart said...

Just found you today and I won your contest! So wish I had an iphone so I could play wizblox. Thank you very much I got an xp boost will have to use it on my baby balance wiz :) I look forward to following you posts what a bonus!

Michael said...

Thanks for posting the links and good luck getting your Icezilla and Death Ninja!

TaraBeara said...

I would really like the Myth Sprite, Labyrinth, and Death Ninja Pig.
Myth Sprite because I've already collected all the other Sprite pets, why not this one? xD
Labyrinth because the spell is one of my favorites.
And the Death Ninja Pig because of the spell it gives.

I hope these drop lists still do good when the pets hit the Live Realms.