Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Party in the Test Realm

At 7pm today there is a party in the test realm. Wizard101 people will be among those in attendance at the pet pavillion. So download the new updates and jump in.

p.s. be sure to participate in the GGG!Great Gobbler pet Giveaway.

p.p.s. One reader was disappointed that I hadn't talked more about leveling pets so I'm going to spend a few posts talking about that. If you go back a little there are some posts about pets. A few quick tips:

1)Buy pet snacks for your pet's school type and for the aspects you want to train your pet in... intelligence, strength etc. When you play the mini games, feed your pet one of those snacks afterward. Find out which they like best and keep stuffing them full.
2) You'll get snacks from battles etc so you can collect them in your adventures or buy them.
3) For levelling I suggest the cannon game and maze game.


Michael said...

Thanka for help on leveling pets. :-)

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

This is an entry in the GGG. I hope you find it interesting.

One idea that I have for pets comes from another game, FATE. In this game, you have a pet (nothing special, just a cat or a dog that can be transformed into monsters). Your pet has its own backpack which you can move your items into.

Your pet also assists you in battles, doing more damage and sometimes casting spells and such as it gains rank. The more the pet helps in battle, the more damage it does, the higher rank it gets. I think that should be another way to level pets in Wizard101. The more they assist you, the more XP they gain.

Another thing in FATE is that you can fill your pet's backpack with junk, and send it up to town, where it sells all the items in its backpack, and then comes back. The price you pay for sending your pet is that the deeper you are in the dungeon, the more time it takes for your pet to return and help you. In FATE, the pets are actually sometimes necessary to complete battles. It would be nice if
1. your pet could sell stuff for you, and had its own backpack
2. there were some battles that needed a pet to complete, but they could be optional, because not everyone wants to level their pet.

That's all I have to say.

Oh, and I'm not sure if you've talked about this yet, but what do you think of no longer being able to trade enchanted treasures? Will it put an end to bolting?

-Kestrel (I'll give my email if I win)

axel 1547 said...

in what area is the party att axel 1547 (blaze lvl 48 thaumarturge)

Heather Raven said...

If they're low level don't forget to turn them loose in your house and play/dance with them.

axel 1547 said...

how do you dance with your pets????????